In the presence of great literature a hand has reached out and taken our own.
— Alan Bennett

How bibliotherapy can help you

Understand yourself and feel more connected to life with international bibliotherapist, Sonya Tsakalakis. 

Good books make you reread them.  Great books make you re-examine your soul.  From Bronte to McEwan, Greene to Atwood, Dickens to Winton, quality creative literature has the power to heal, nourish, elevate and transform. 

Bibliotherapy uses literature to guide you through life's challenges and hurdles, including: 

  • Struggling with loneliness and anxiety

  • Finding the complex landscape of relationships difficult to navigate

  • Sensing that you need more adventure and wonderment in your life

  • Feeling disconnected from the world around you

  • Looking to discover a new author to beguile and enchant you

  • Seeking to develop an ardour of literature

Bibliotherapy can also help you discover and contemplate how great writers and thinkers grappled with life's existential questions. Find out more

"I love listening to Sonya's reading....especially the poetry. It's balsam to our souls. She brings Spring to our place. I wish she could come every day..." - Alfred, Victoria Gardens Aged Care



Communal reading of A Work of Art by Anton Chekhov at the charming Book Bird in Geelong

Communal reading of A Work of Art by Anton Chekhov at the charming Book Bird in Geelong

About Sonya

I'm a practicing bibliotherapist based in Melbourne. I've worked as both a counsellor and community educator, and have experience working in shared values projects using literature at the forefront, with organisations as diverse as MIND Australia, cohealth, Brimbank Readers and Writers Festival and University of Melbourne (Faculty of Medicine).   I am also a resident bibliotherapist for The School of Life in Melbourne where I consult with local, interstate and international clients. 

My therapeutic background, coupled with my relentless, lifelong passion for literature, equips me to give you a literary hand on life's journey. Get in touch

We have a few programs at MIND but my favourite is the bibliotherapy. I really enjoy it ....
— Chris